To create the first interactive record label that allows the fans to dictate the content they see next.


Prospect Music Group specializes in unique marketing and promotions. With over 15 years in the music business PMG also specializing in licensing with some of entertainment's top ad agencies.

About Prospect Music Group

Prospect Music Group, based out of New York, is an interactive record label partnered with YouTube.  The label was founded by James Thomas, formerly known as Jamie Drastik, a world wide touring artist on Pitbull's Mr. 305 Inc. Their roster stretches from New York to California offering a full range of music from electronic dance, hip hop, rock and singer/songwriter.  Prospect Music Group has worldwide distribution and, through its unique artist platform, will allow fans to directly communicate with artists and become a part of the creative process.

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We specialize in only one genre of music, "true".


Combining the artists talents and the fans requests to make the ultimate content.

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