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​Chris Matty

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“All I really want, is to inspire and produce music that takes people to that next level” – Chris Matty

Passion and Enthusiasm make great music. When you produce a great song, you touch people on so many levels. In a nutshell, this describes Chris Matty, a talented, versatile, hardworking, and all around fun Producer /Songwriter/Multi-Instrumentalist.

Based in the New York City area, Chris lives to work with “great and inspiring artists” After a stint at Berklee College of Music, Chris pursued music regionally back in New Jersey, playing with various bands throughout the tri-state area and cutting his teeth in various New York City studios. After honing his engineering and production chops, Chris went on to work with keyboardist David Rosenthal, (Billy Joel), and session drummer Jonathan Mover (Fuel, Joe Satriani) in their private recording studios. . Working on great projects like Billy Joel’s Movin Out on Broadway, and with artists such as progressive rock’s Happy the Man, Hard Rock’s Matt Kramer of Saigon Kick, and hip hop artist Jamie Drastik, showcase Chris’s versatility in working with a multitude of chart topping artists.

Chris has a close working relationship with Jamie, having played guitar on the single “110” featuring Fat Joe, production work on his ground-breaking mixtape “September”, and tracks on his 2015 albums “Jump, the decision”, and “Jump, the Takeoff”. Other recently released work include Kat Zangari’s single “Can’t Stop the Rain”, and Lauren Bonnell’s EP “Catch me”

Chris owns his own Pro Tools production studio and continues producing music for Jamie, and the other artists signed to Prospect Music Group for upcoming releases. Chris also is the Director of Licensing for Prospect Music Group, working with all music supervisors, ad agencies, and production firms to secure music and artist placements.

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