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Shawn VanBrocklin

Shawn VanBrocklin is a musician/writer from Watertown, NY. Growing up in Upstate New York, where snow covers the ground more than half the year, music can be a refuge for many.  Shawn was one such resident of this winter landscape.  He caught the music bug early, playing guitar, singing and even dabbling a little bit in piano.  During high school Shawn was a founding member of the seminal Watertown pop-punk band Ready Set Fail.  This opened up a wide variety of opportunities and experiences for Shawn such as opening for national acts such as Acceptance and Anberlin and recording an album with Ken Susi from Unearth.  After Ready Set Fail disbanded, Shawn and several other former members came together to form the ambient rock band Greene Reveal.  This again brought many new connections and experiences including opening for such acts as The Junior Varsity, As Tall As Lions, and also touring across the country multiple times.  It was during this time that Shawn learned to be not only a front man, but increase his level of musicianship as well as learn more about the business side of things. Since the break up of the band in 2010, Shawn has split time between writing music as a solo artist and lending his voice or guitar as a live or studio musician.

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